What They Are Saying About Coldwell Banker

What Our Professionals Are Saying About Coldwell Banker

Building the right team of professionals is more than just who can produce numbers.  It's about fitting into a culture that demands you conduct your business with the highest form of ethics and professionalism.  We pride ourselves in not being a team comprised of just the best top producers in the area, but more importantly, a team made up of high moral character.  Afterall, we are all a reflection of each other and who you affiliate your license with does indeed affect your business.

What Our Professionals Are Saying About Coldwell Banker

Dorene Webster

It can be scary to change professions, especially to one that is 100% commission.  I interviewed with a couple other companies but knew right away that Coldwell Banker was the company for me.  The name excudes respect, professionalism, and success.   Michael Kitchens and J. Parrish are true professionals, and I picked up on their integrity and dedication to the company right away. 


My goal for my first year was to learn as much as I possibly could from the best.  I was mentored by a 40 year top-veteran Realtor, Bonnie Cameron, who taught me so much over my first 3 months (that I could not have learned on my own).  I think every new Realtor needs a MENTOR.   I also got to Co-List a home with another top Realtor, Cindy Birk, and this experience really increased both my confidence and knowledge.


There are also so many brand tools and videos that Coldwell Banker has available to new Realtors as well.  Deciding on building my real estate career with Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish, Realtors as made a difference in my life both professionally and personally.  I would not have it any other way.


What Our Professionals Are Saying About Coldwell Banker

Bill and Lynne Saunders

Joining Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors has been one of the best life decisions we have ever made.  From the very first day that we sat down for our interview with the President, Michael Kitchens, we knew this was the place for us.  His positive, encouraging, thoughtful personality and attitude were the characteristics we wanted in our leader and mentor.  Michael and the CEO/Owner J Parrish, have always made theirselves available no matter the time of day.  We also have such a wonderful support team.  In fact, they are so wonderful, they feel like part of our family. 

Coldwell Banker is the pinnacle of Real Estate Companies.  They will empower you to be the best Realtor you can be and they also acknowledge and celebrate all of our hard work, time and care that we put into every transaction.  We also know that working side-by-side the best Realtors in the area has helped our business as well.  We chose Coldwell Banker because of the powerful brand and exposure we have access to.  The company dominates the local marketplace and we feel honored and privelaged to say we work with Coldwell Banker.  If you are looking to become the best Realtor you can be, I would encourage you to talk to Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors.  You will not be disappointed!

What Our Professionals Are Saying About Coldwell Banker

Kris Kelly

I started with Coldwell Banker MM Parrish Realtors in September 2013. Within about a year, I left my other career behind to focus full-time on real estate. It was a scary leap of faith, but ended up being the best career decision of my life. The first year, the learning curve is steep, but the Broker, CEO and support staff were always available to assist me every step of the way. I immediately was welcomed by the other Realtors and encouraged to ask lots of questions, which I often did. Being around other top agents who support and encourage you is invaluable. This company has changed my life, and I am forever grateful.

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