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Is 2017 the year? Buying your first home and where to begin.

Posted by Kathryn Pizzurro on January 03, 2017 in  Home Buying
After an inarguably tumultuous 2016, many would-be first time home buyers might be thinking of sitting tight and waiting out the coming year in their rental before making the ultimate commitment toward a home purchase. But that could prove a costly mistake. In fact, whether you are here in the Gainesville area, or elsewhere in the U.S., all market indicators point toward the conclusion that acting now is the best advice for new, educated home buyers in 2017. The US Consumer Conference Board said last week that it... read more

How to Waterproof Your Home

Protect your home from water damage in three steps
Posted by Tatiana Blanco on August 23, 2016 in No Category
The following is a guest blog post from  Sonya Santos, GCP Applied Technologies Do you know what the envelope of your home is? Just as the name “envelope” implies it is the skin of your home that protects you from the outdoor elements. The envelope of your home includes: the roof, walls and windows. These three areas are the keys to waterproofing your home. If they are built right, your home will be protected from water damage. Now that you can speak the language to your contractor, you m... read more

How to Find Inexpensive Art for Your Home

Add your own flair to your home through art with these creative & inexpensive ideas.
Posted by Tatiana Blanco on August 11, 2016 in No Category
Your home should reflect your personality, interests, and all the people and things you love. One of the easiest ways to accomplish that is through the artwork you display around your home. When my husband & I moved into our apartment, we initially worried about finding art that was not only beautiful, but at a price point that wouldn’t break our budget. Here’s what we discovered: Print Your Favorite Photos on CanvasSome of our favorite artwork displayed in our home is actually photos we took ourse... read more

Garden Tips for People who Hate to Garden

If you love the look of a well-kept garden, but shudder at the thought of maintaining one, we’ve got good news. A thriving garde
Posted by Tatiana Blanco on July 28, 2016 in No Category
If you love the look of a well-kept garden, but shudder at the thought of maintaining one, we’ve got good news: A thriving garden is possible for any gardener. And by following these garden tips for people who hate gardening, you will be well on your way to a swoon-worthy space. Plan Your Space Whether you’re working with an existing garden or starting from scratch, space planning is critical. If you want to scale back an existing garden, simply remove any plants or weeds and rake it out until it is l... read more

Everything You Need to Know About Making An Offer

Coldwell Banker agents share their answers to all of the questions that arise around a real estate offer.
Posted by Tatiana Blanco on July 15, 2016 in No Category
Regardless of which side of the real estate process you find yourself on–as a buyer or a seller–an offer is an exciting step! But, what does it really mean to make an offer? What questions should you be asking? What does it mean for a seller? And, most importantly, what happens next? Coldwell Banker agents share their answers to all of these offer-related questions. What does it mean to make an offer on a house? Jessica Edwards with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage explains this im... read more
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