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The Business Itself

The Business Itself
The real estate business contains many different people playing many different roles.  Some of the players in an average real estate transaction will consist of appraisers, home inspectors, property managers, contractors, bankers, mortgage loan officers, government agencies, and of course, the buyer and seller. The coordinator of this group of people is the Realtor.  Added to that, a successful Realtor can play many roles themselves: an advocate for their buyer or seller, an analyst, a business manager, a consultant, a negotiator, and a marketer, just to name a few.

Listed below are just some of the top characteristics of successful real estate professionals:

A self-motivated entrepreneur  Having a desire to control your own professional destiny and be your own boss is a trait shared by top real estate agents. To be successful in real estate requires a high degree of self-motivation, drive, and smart decision making.

An engaging personality  Top professionals don't just sell real estate...they sell themselves. It’s imperative to highlight your personality.  Consumers will respond to you if you have a great attitude, are personable and honest, and have confidence in your abilities.

A strong local knowledge  It is so very important for the person selling real estate to have recent sales experience and success at selling property in the area.  A top producing Realtor appreciates the subtleties that make a specific community’s housing market and pricing strategy unique. Success comes from identifying and developing a focus or niche in the local real estate market that allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

They are organized with an emphasis on detail  A real estate agent that is organized and likes to work with attention to detail is the one that is most likely to succeed.  As an example, top agents can assist their seller customers with the most subtle changes to improve the sale-ability of their  property.  The best Realtors are creative with their MLS listings and they take excellent video of the property. Furthermore, they are excellent problem solvers and excellent communicators who will immediately return phone calls and emails and will make every appointment on time.  This is a time sensitive business.

They have connections  Successful Realtors have a large network of contacts within the marketplace they work.  This group of connections should include other top agents and brokers, a list of potential buyers and sellers, as well as a network of appraisers, lenders, inspectors, repairmen and attorneys that can be called upon at a moment's notice.

They are full of tenacity  Being a top producing agent requires an extremely strong work ethic.  One must have a drive to follow up with every possible lead and the desire to aggressively market.  It's not just about working hard, but working smart to get the transaction successfully completed.

They are aggressive yet polite  The best Realtors are not afraid to speak up.  If important discussions aren't had, the Buyer or Seller's best interest aren't being protected.   Honesty is an important element in the real estate business...even when it's not the easiest thing to say or hear.

They are full of knowledge  Professional development and continuing education are imperative in an ever changing business.  Staying up-to-date on these changes and activities in the marketplace will allow you to serve your customers much more effectively.  Furthermore, an agent that is well-informed and that is on the cutting edge in their use of technology is essential in today's marketplace.  Agents who fail to keep up with ever changing technology will fall behind and inevitably lose market share.

They have strong verbal skills  In order to close a transaction takes the ability to discuss the terms of an agreement in layman-friendly language. Making persuasive presentations are a major part of life as a real estate agent.

They are strong negotiators  Successful real estate agents use the power of persuasion to encourage customers to make or accept reasonable offers. Effective negotiation requires understanding parties’ wants and needs, staying open to multiple options, anticipating counteroffers and preparing responses in advance.

They are passionate  Ultimately, it's all about passion.  If you are fanatical about real estate and have personal traits such as the ones outlined above, you will have a long and extremely successful career in the real estate business.

In the end, you must honestly evaluate your personality.  Real estate isn’t the career for everyone, and your personality traits are perhaps even more essential than your education in your potential success. You must not be afraid of risk and change as real estate runs in cycles, with brisk sale periods followed by seasonal slowdowns. Success requires deft handling of these highs and lows.  For more information please contact or call 352-335-4999.

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